Tips for Increasing Your Used Vehicle Profit Margins

With the large supply of newer models of vehicles in used inventories, the certified pre-owned market is a powerhouse for dealers. This vast selection of vehicles should be an easy method to achieve profitability, but there may be some factors that are standing in your way. This is especially true for smaller, independent dealers that may not have the resources available that large, corporate entities have access to. Add to this the extra expenses of getting pre-owned vehicles up to certified status, and you see your profit margin beginning to shrink. So what can be done to get the most out of your CPO inventory? AMP Remarketing has some tips and tricks for you — the most powerful of which is our multi-platform selling solution

Update Your Used Vehicle Sales Strategy

In this information age, consumers are savvier than ever before due to the resources available online. Because of this, dealers should begin to act more like consultants to prospective buyers, not necessarily salespersons. Buyers are wary of being snookered, and value transparency in vehicle pricing above just about anything else. Because of this, it’s essential that dealers provide important information that impacts the vehicle price long before the end of the deal.

Online price comparison shopping is the car dealer’s new reality. You can be assured that while customers are shopping your dealership, they have at least two other dealerships pulled up on their smartphones and are comparing prices. For this reason, your strategy must include competitive pricing, done in real-time, and is consistent with the vehicles that are available in your immediate region.

Especially in today’s social health climate, customers want to spend as little time as possible physically at the dealership. To create a better buying experience, provide as much information about your pre-owned vehicles online as possible. You could begin to see customers come to the dealership already having done the bulk of their research and practically ready to make a purchase.

Choosing the Vehicles for Your Market

Which vehicles sell quickly and which ones gather dust on the lot often depend greatly on your local market. A savvy dealer will need to use buyer data to decide which vehicles should be stocked. You can determine this data by examining these factors:

  • In your area, what are the top-selling types of vehicles?
  • At your dealership, what models and brands have sold better than others?
  • What vehicles in your inventory are in low supply compared to the demand?

When you keep the right vehicles in stock, faster turnaround time and a more profitable sale becomes increasingly more likely. 

Trick Out Your Website

Almost exclusively, the modern car-buyer begins their used vehicle hunt online. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that you have a website for your dealership that is both user-friendly and informative. The goal of your website should be one thing, and one thing only — getting the customer to your lot.

How do you communicate to the customer through your website in such a way to compel them to come to you for their used vehicle solution? Effective websites have these three things in common:

  • A clearly stated value proposition — you need to show that you have the solution to your customer’s problem.
  • Reasons for customers to trust your business — this can be through testimonials, links to social media reviews, etc.
  • Provide an easy next step or a call to action. You have the solution, all they need to do is click the link or call the phone number.

Improve Your Reconditioning Methods

There’s no denying that reconditioned vehicles move faster off the lot than fresh acquisitions. Additionally, these reconditioning practices allow you to provide warranties and CPO-status that garner customer trust. There are a few things you can do to streamline your reconditioning practices:

  • As long as it won’t disqualify a vehicle from receiving a CPO status, you can use high-quality, non-OEM parts.
  • Try to complete vehicle reconditioning as quickly as possible.
  • As often as you can, acquire vehicles that require less work to be ready to sell.
  • Recondition vehicles for wholesale — other dealers are far more likely to buy a vehicle in great shape, just like your normal retail customers. 

The AMP Remarketing Solution

We’d be remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity to offer our innovative solution to handling your CPO inventory. With new, fast-moving technology, selling vehicles online as opposed to in-lane can be challenging for dealers that aren’t familiar with auctions. Many dealers simply don’t want to have to deal with the after-sale process and the sets of arbitration that go with it. That’s where AMP remarketing comes in!

We’ve partnered with Manheim PA to provide digital event sales that offer buyers the opportunity to procure only frontline and CPO-ready inventory directly off of dealer’s lots. All of the vehicles will reach a broader market through national marketing campaigns, attracting more buyers. Dealers are able to list aging units for auction while keeping them on-site until the morning of the sale, ensuring that they’re constantly available for retail opportunities, rather than being stranded off-site. Once the vehicle is sold, selling dealers have 3 days to ship the vehicle to the auction, or alternatively, the buyer can choose to pick up the vehicle at the seller’s lot, saving dealer transport costs. 

You can try this solution of the future absolutely FREE for 30 days with our 30-Day Test Drive. Contact AMP Remarketing today and see just how easy it is to increase your profit margins with a tech-savvy solution. You’ll be on the pathway to greater profitability in no time!

Get Your Digital House in Order to Increase Your Wholesale Conversion Rate

Because the digital space moves incredibly fast, you need to move even faster in order to stay ahead of it

In this new digitally based economy, business is won and lost today online. Without a good digital marketing strategy, you have nothing. The better you build out your digital footprint, the better you build out your business. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, integrating digital solutions and protecting your profits are key challenges that must be addressed in every corner of your dealership.

AMP Remarketing is a premier partner that combines digital technology with a fully managed concierge service that works with dealership management to help combat wholesale loss and margin compression on pre-owned units. We are a technology and service/marketing hybrid with a successful track record bringing you the most up to date digital technology allowing dealers to market inventory right from their lots as well as through professional strategic representation on multiple online and in-lane auction selling venues.

With the constant introduction of new technology in today’s digitally charged world, all dealerships need a partner that is technologically focused on wholesale marketing and liquidation. For most dealers, it’s not cost-effective to hire an in-house person for the purpose of wholesale only.

Having a partner like AMP Remarketing ensures that your dealership will receive the right level of in-depth expertise for targeting proper market channels and selling venues, while simultaneously increasing buyer traffic for your unwanted trades and aging units. This dynamic will help support the potential for much greater selling margins. AMP Remarketing’s total white-glove concierge service manages your wholesale vehicles from beginning to end, making it easier for your management to focus on performing their core competencies of selling new and pre-owned vehicles.

There are a lot of great digital software products and 3rd party wholesale services out there but there are not any that do both well. All of these digital tools take time to provide benefits, and they take knowledge and skill. By relying on AMP Remarketing to do this for our clients, it allows them to focus on their core competencies.

We genuinely care about helping dealers strengthen the wholesale portion of their business. When we partner with a dealership, they will never have anyone work as hard for them because we only get paid if we are successful.

If you’re looking for a digital wholesale marketing solution that drives you to succeed in getting conversions and sales, then we are the company you want to work with. We offer world class marketing and representation services. We also have prime in-lane numbers available so, when dealers look for a good partner for wholesale, we have everything under one roof including the associated comprehensive services to back them up. Let AMP Remarketing get your digital house in order. We are the fuel for your business, it’s that simple!

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Constant Innovation Creates Successful Wholesale Strategies

Technology has enabled many efficiencies and solutions to enhance multiple venues for both buyers and sellers. As a business owner, nothing plagues us more than the question of whether our business will be making progress by gaining market share with the utilization of these products. Will they be helpful in creating a more successful wholesale business, or do we play it safe and remain with the constant tradition that we believed has worked so well in the past?

AMP Remarketings founder Ken Benelli has been helping dealers in the automotive industry for over 25 years. His vision is to show dealers a more efficient method for marketing wholesale units to dealers while increasing their monthly retail sales. Additionally, AMP Remarketing shows dealers how to improve their pre-owned turn rate, thus fighting margin compression and realizing material floor plan overhead savings.

AMP’s product development was created with the collaboration of Jay Collier, a former GM of the AIADA and a former Toyota principal, and Steve Cone, a world leader in marketing and brand communications. Cone’s marketing expertise is highlighted by a successful career that includes creating the loyalty rewards programs for United’s Mileage Plus, Hyatt’s Gold Passport and Holiday Inns. His other accomplishments include successful projects with American Express, AARP, United Healthcare, FedEx and Citigroup to name a few. He also authored three books published by Wiley & Sons.

Over the past three years, AMP Remarketing has been constructing an ecosystem by creating a selling system inclusive of multiple marketplaces for dealers to market their aged inventory and trades. This platform includes a base of 3,000 buyers and growing daily. By leveraging multiple selling venues on a 7-day Selling Continuum, AMP Remarketing has proven its concept by developing and test marketing selling strategies and processes in different markets to create a better mousetrap system that compliments both buyers and sellers. AMP is also introducing dealers to the usage of new digital technologies which they believe will be the future of automotive wholesale and what dealers will adapt to in the near future as the new way of doing business.

AMP Remarketing’s mission is to show dealers how to improve their turn rate by offering multiple wholesale alternatives to dealers outside of traditional wholesale methods. With this seamless integration of selling processes, dealers can move both aged and wholesale trades more efficiently, all with greater profitability.

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