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WELCOME TO AMP Remarketing.

Why AMP?

AMP Remarketing saves you time and boosts your profits when liquidating your wholesale vehicles. Through our Multi-Platform 7 Day Selling Cycle you can disrupt the traditional 60-90 day turn on used inventory.

Through this unique waterfall selling continuum, you the Dealer are assured that your aging used car inventory is being marketed on multiple wholesale venues simultaneously.

What You Get

Three Big Positive Results:

  1. The 90 day depreciation cycle is disrupted while still allowing for a full retail opportunity.
  2. Your dealership will save thousands of dollars every month on floor planning costs.
  3. We enable Sellers vehicles to reach a broader market increasing the demand and selling price.

There is no reason to delay in AMPING UP YOUR PROFITS!

Call us toll free at 844-243-8267 or reply to info@ampremarketing.com

REMEMBER. Your costs will come down and your profits will go up, because Your Cars will leave your lot and NEVER come back.

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“Test Drive” us FREE for 30 days.

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