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Don’t Underestimate Digital’s Disruptive Impact on Wholesale

Dealers are witnessing a major change in inventory acquisition as auto auctions are migrating over to digital platforms. Over 50% of auction sales in 2019 were performed online via mobile phone apps or from a PC at the buyer’s dealership. While online venues are more convenient and allow dealers a larger buying radius, many selling dealers are lagging behind when it comes to adopting new digital technology.

Savvy dealers understand that the utilization of new technology will enlarge your buyer base, which increases competitive bidding. This dynamic ultimately unlocks margin potentials as opposed to the dated behavior of wholesaling out the dealership back door, allowing the wholesaler to benefit from your loss. Unfortunately, many dealers are slow to embrace and adopt new technology, as they don’t fully understand all of the digital solutions available, and they still employ old school traditional wholesaling methods. As a result, their employees are at a disadvantage, lacking familiarity and training in the digital arena.

This is where AMP Remarketing steps in. We understand the auto-wholesale market and offer your dealership multiple selling platforms to maximize the value of your unwanted trades and aging inventory. Through multiple selling channels backed by the world’s largest auto auctions, we broadcast your vehicles globally to a broader market insuring swift liquidation at higher margins.

AMP offers multiple selling platforms, which include prime placement at physical auctions, simultaneous on-line selling platforms including Smart auction, as well as “Event Sales“. Our FREE “White Glove Concierge Service” manages your vehicles from start to finish, allowing your management team at the dealership to focus on their core competency of retailing more vehicles.

Leading dealers are placing emphasis on technological adaptation to help combat margin compression. Let AMP Remarketing keep you ahead of the curve and help you AMP UP your wholesale margins!

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Slow to Adopt New Technology in Auto Sales?

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.”
-Stewart Brand, Writer

How we do business in this next 90 days is going to shape the future of our industry. If we can just accept this and adapt to it now, your store will be successful. Prior to the recent COVID-19 concerns, data had already proven that more dealers are taking advantage of online venues to procure pre-owned inventory, allowing them to save time and enlarge their search radius right from the computers in their showrooms. Now more than ever, leading dealers are placing an emphasis on digital tools and technological adaptation as the virus has highlighted the benefits to adapt to these powerful digital processes.

Unfortunately, the range of innovative products being offered in the automotive wholesale industry today can be intimidating, difficult to understand, and even frustrating, causing many dealers to lose ground by hesitating to adopt new digital technological solutions. Even if a dealer has an inhouse dedicated wholesale director, it’s difficult to keep up with the traffic caused by constant technology advancement, CR management, and multiple arbitration policies to name a few. “The trick is not to be left too far behind.”

AMP Remarketing reduces dealers risks when deploying digital wholesale measures by offering a cautious approach, blending traditional behavior and digital venues to succeed in wholesale management and the minimization of margin compression.

AMP introduces your vehicles to an entire spectrum of selling venues by utilizing multiple digital platforms, special “Event Sales,” as well as traditional in-lane representation at all the major auto auctions.

AMP Remarketing allows dealers wholesale diversity, allowing them to place unwanted trades and aging units in the proper markets with the proper audience to maximize their exposure and demand. Additionally, our “Turn to Earn” program helps dealers increase selling velocity while simultaneously improving their turn rate. This program allows dealers to fight margin compression and reduce floor plan costs.

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