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AMP Remarketing brings together the power of analytics, new digital tools and physical auctions, creating cost-effective, organizational efficiencies that allow dealers to unleash their full potential in the new generation of digital wholesaling

Adapting to the Next Normal

Dealers are witnessing a major change in inventory acquisition as most auto auctions have migrated over to solely digital platforms. Additionally, there are a huge number of businesses offering dealers online digital services these days.

While all these platforms wouldn’t be possible if there wasn’t a demand to support them, it’s also true that the increase in online competition makes it more difficult for dealers inventory to stand out. With so many different options available, how do dealers decide which marketing platform will produce the best returns when offering aged or unwanted trades for wholesale?

While the utilization of new technology can increase the selling radius of certain units, they won’t always increase its exposure. For that reason, savvy dealers understand the need to employ multiple avenues for wholesale including local auctions (both online and in-lane), as well as utilizing some of the numerous phone apps that have become popular as of recent. Yet, in spite of all these wholesale tools available, I still see dealer principles shoot themselves in the feet over and over again by limiting their wholesale resources.

In my on my over 30 years in the automotive wholesale industry, I constantly see seasoned dealers repeatedly making the biggest mistakes when wholesaling rather than choosing the proper platforms to employ in order to gain the highest margins.

Winners in business play rough and don’t apologize for it.

Let’s talk about the ultimate cold hard truth. The most successful dealers don’t rely on wholesale to be a high profit center when they look at their overall business. They focus on selling cars, which opens the doors to additional profits via F&I and service.

Every savvy dealer knows the costs associated with attempting to steal a trade and losing a potential customer forever. As a matter of fact, most dealers just look to break even or minimize their losses when it comes to liquidating unwanted trades or aged units. For that reason, they don’t put a lot of time or effort into wholesale as its not as cost effective as the other verticals associated in running their business.

Why AMP Remarketing

If your business doesn’t provide true value, then you’re just making noise in the marketplace. In order to provide true value, you really need to know your customers and their needs.

The new digital generation of apps advertise how you can simply take a picture of an unwanted unit and sell it immediately through their online auctions. While some apps have great technology and features, their shotgun methodology makes them an ineffective end all. Dealers need the ability to direct each unit to the marketplaces that will yield the highest potential gross on each unit.

Understanding and keeping up with the continuous new technology has made wholesale almost a lost art. Smart business owners outsource the activities they do not perform well or have little time to successfully carry through.

Understanding the AMP Remarketing NO Cost Journey

AMP Remarketing enables a NO COST solution to dealers that dramatically improves their sales penetration and wholesale margins. By integrating the new generation of digital tools and marketing with traditional wholesale methods, dealers can create high performing sales channels optimizing demand and margins for their wholesale units.

AMP offers multiple selling platforms, which include prime placement and discounted fee’s at physical auctions, simultaneous online selling platforms, as well as “Event Sales“. Our FREE “White Glove Concierge Service” manages your vehicles from start to finish, allowing your management team at the dealership to focus on their core competency of retailing more vehicles.

Leading dealers are placing emphasis on technological adaptation to help combat margin compression. Let AMP Remarketing keep you ahead of the curve and help you AMP UP your wholesale margins!

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